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Drive Efficiency and Fuel Growth      with Custom Leadership Training 

"John has been invaluable for our company’s growth. For perspective, we have grown more than 40% in the time we have worked with John, which is double our industry’s average."

- Mel Koller, President, Chief Executive Office, Alabama Farm Credit

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A lack of ready now leaders and results driven teams can cause serious, costly problems.

Leaders and teams without the skills to connect, communicate and collaborate effectively: ​

  • Blow-up or clam-up under pressure.

  • Experience confusion, resentment, and frustration.

  • Fail to execute change causing business growth to stall.

Ultimately, unhealthy work behaviors erode trust, derail productivity, and diminish profits.

With the right tools, anyone can be a ready now leader and results driven team player.

John Bentley, workshop facilitator and leadership coach, delivers learning experiences so you can connect, communicate, and collaborate to overcome uncertainty while developing the emotional agility to solve right now problems.




 3 Solutions For Solving Your Most Pressing Challenges

Explore each offering to discover which solution is right for you.

Master Workplace Dynamics

Choose from five expertly designed programs that equip leaders and teams with the skills to create a healthy work culture which is the catalyst to achieve organizational goals that drive business growth.



Work one-on-one with me to develop your mental and emotional agility, enabling you to move effortlessly from one situation to the next.

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Train Leaders Academy

COMING SOON - Accelerate leadership readiness and grow your bench strength with our intensive 10 week online program that includes 24 hours of group coaching focused on solving your most pressing business challenges.

How We Work Together

John applies a three step process with every client engagement that provides a crystal clear road map for achieving guaranteed measurable results.

01. Prepare

We will get to know each other while co-creating a custom solution that delivers superior results.


02. Perform

We assess, coach and train employees so they can transform their behavior to achieve desired outcomes.


03. Perfect

We measure results and make necessary adjustments until your desired outcomes are met.


Leadership and Team Development That Produces Predictable Business Growth

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Leadership and teamwork are truly the most significant competitive advantage any business- whether profit or non-profit, large or small can have. John's knowledge and learning programs helped us strengthen our team and positioned us as a stronger advocates for our members. The basic skills, often overlooked by many, are absolutely essential to our ability to maintain a focus on a mission critical to the effective delivery of health care services to all Alabamians.

- Mary Hayes Finch, CEO, Alabama Primary Health Care Association

I have had the privilege of working side-by-side with John on several major training projects over the last 10 years. He is an excellent leader, facilitator, and presenter, with an exceptional ability to make adult education and planning programs exciting and meaningful. John makes a tremendous effort to fully understand his clients' organizations, people, and needs. As we have worked on projects, he is always acutely aware of his client's specific challenges and develops creative solutions and programs to meet those needs. John is also trustworthy... you can count on him to do what he says and to get the results he promises.

- Warren Smedley, DSC, MHSA, MSHQS, Vice President, The Kinetix Group

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Thank you for the work you have done with our organization. The insight you have into human behavior and the learning instruments you use have had a significant impact on helping us build communication, and trust with each other. Within 30 days of your first training session, I partnered with another Director and improved a process saving us $49,000 annually. This could not have happened six months ago.

- Pat Scott, Former Director of Endoscopy, Cullman Regional Medical Center

Meet John Bentley

Power 2 Transform (P2T), led by John Bentley is a results driven consulting firm specializing in leadership and team development. With over 20 years experience, P2T offers a range of solutions designed to help midsize companies navigate the complex landscape of today's ever evolving business environment.

P2T offers fast-track leadership development modules to long-term coaching partnerships. With a focus on trust as the foundation of all successful work relationships, P2T helps leaders and teams cultivate the skills and mindset necessary to deliver superior results.

From banking and healthcare to government institutions and nonprofits, P2T has a proven track record of success. Their programs, models, surveys and analytical framework have been developed through years of research, ensuring clients receive the highest level of expertise and support.


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Video Testimonials

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You deserve faster solutions to your most pressing business challenges!

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